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Bike loan conditions and deposit details

Carlisle Community Cycle Hub: Bike loan form


Bike issued by:                                     Date:                         

Bike Register Number:                          Bike Description:

Borrowers Details


Home Address:

Phone number:

Email address:

Key Worker? Employer name? Other status?

Borrowers ID details:  NHS card, Employee card, Licence, Utility bill, etc
Photo of ID (and person on bike if possible).

Conditions of loan

I agree to my details being stored in a database used by the Hub and I accept I am loaning this cycle to use at my own risk and will look after it and return it when requested by the secretary of the Hub.

The cycle is loaned to you in good faith with a request for a deposit to contribute to our annual costs of operating the Hub.  Excluding reasonable wear and tear CCCH will charge for repairing or replacing the bike or parts damaged by misuse or accident.  The charge will be deducted from the deposit.


I am employed and agree to leave a deposit £50       

I am on benefits and agree to leave a deposit of £25

Deposits to Clydesdale bank Sort Code: 82 43 03 Account No: 30078155
Please use reference BL+your initials+date borrowed e.g. BL INT 11Nov20


SIGNATURE OF BORROWER ................................... DATE...........


Looking after your bike…

Before every ride check the tyre pressure and brakes.

Lightly oil the chain with 3in1 or similar at least once every 2 weeks.

Regularly do a regular M check please see

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